Nasal Polyps Specialist in Peoria, IL

Small nasal polyps may not always exhibit symptoms, making it common for patients to remain unaware of their presence. However, these polyps can grow and reach a size that impacts breathing and the sense of smell. This underscores the importance of consulting our sinus specialist at Peoria Ear, Nose, and Throat Group before nasal polyps advance. Our ENTs specialize in the treatment of nasal polyps, having successfully performed over 400 surgeries using the SINUVA surgical system for patients throughout Central Illinois last year. If you’re encountering symptoms related to nasal polyps or observe any unusual changes in your breathing and smell, please contact us at (309) 589-5900 to schedule a SINUVA consultation for nasal polyp treatment at our ENT clinic in Peoria, IL.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

SINUVA presents a non-surgical approach for reducing nasal polyps, offering a potential alternative to surgery. This treatment is designed for adults aged 18 or older who have nasal polyps and have previously undergone ethmoid sinus surgery.

For individuals dealing with nasal polyps, SINUVA could be an attractive option for those who favor an in-office treatment over sinus surgery in an operating room. The placement of SINUVA occurs during a routine office visit, and patients typically can resume regular activities with minimal to no required recovery days.


Schedule a Consultation for Nasal Polyp Treatment in Peoria, IL

If you are presently encountering symptoms of nasal polyps or observe any unusual changes, the certified sinus surgeons at Peoria Ear, Nose & Throat Group are here to assist you. Our healthcare professionals will dedicate time to discuss your symptoms and recommend the most suitable treatment based on your diagnosis. If you are contemplating surgical intervention for nasal polyps, please contact us at (309) 589-5900 and schedule an appointment at our ENT Clinic in Peoria, IL today!