Sinus Surgery Specialists in Peoria, IL

The expert physicians at Peoria Ear, Nose & Throat Group possess extensive expertise in conducting sinus surgery for the treatment of sinusitis. They will assess your symptoms thoroughly and determine the most suitable treatment option for your condition. Schedule an appointment by calling our office at (309) 589-5900.

If persistent sinus symptoms persist despite medication, sinus surgery may be considered. The objective of the surgery is to expand the inflamed or obstructed sinus airways, promoting increased airflow and a decreased risk of infection. Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeons utilize an endoscope, a small instrument, to examine the sinuses through the nasal opening. By removing inflamed bone and tissue that obstruct airflow and passages, the sinuses are enlarged. This facilitates natural drainage, prevents the accumulation of pus and mucus, and reduces the likelihood of infection.

Although surgery offers benefits to many patients, inflammation and scarring may occur, potentially diminishing the effectiveness of the procedure or causing symptoms to reoccur.

The clinically proven PROPEL® sinus stent enhances the outcomes of sinus surgery. Implanted during the surgery, the PROPEL stent delivers anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinuses. This reduces the necessity for additional post-operative surgeries and oral steroids.

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If you’re currently facing symptoms of sinusitis, the sinus specialists certified by the board at Peoria Ear, Nose & Throat Group are here to assist you. They dedicate the necessary time to conduct a thorough diagnosis, ensuring the identification of the optimal treatment for your condition. Reach out to our sinus clinic at (309) 589-5900 for more information and to schedule an appointment today!