PROPEL Sinus Stent Procedure in Peoria, IL

The expert physicians at Peoria Ear, Nose & Throat Group, well-versed in utilizing the PROPEL sinus stent for sinusitis treatment, are ready to assist you. They will assess your symptoms thoroughly and determine the most suitable treatment option for your condition. Contact our office at (309) 589-5900 to schedule an appointment today!

PROPEL signifies a groundbreaking advancement in medical science, substantiated by clinical evidence that enhances the outcomes of sinus surgery.

As the pioneering and sole device clinically validated to maintain sinus openness post-surgery, PROPEL precisely administers anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinuses before dissolving.

This inventive sinus stent diminishes post-operative scarring and inflammation, thereby lessening the necessity for supplementary surgical interventions and oral steroids along with their potential side effects.

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