Better Hearing Month

In 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) designated May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. Encouraging people to think about their own hearing and get their hearing checked is the first step towards addressing the issue of hearing loss.

Noise is now acknowledged as an important public health issue and is actually a top environmental risk faced by the world today, according to the World Health Organization’s first World Report on Hearing.

The average person is born with about 16,000 hair cells within the inner ear, which allow your brain to detect sounds. You can lose 30-50% of those cells before changes in your hearing can be measured by a hearing test. Noise can also damage the auditory nerve that carries information about sounds to your brain. Although there is no treatment to restore normal hearing once it has been damaged, you can help prevent hearing loss.

Since 1967, Starkey has led the way in hearing aid breakthroughs, providing quality products that withstand the most grueling quality control processes in the industry. All of their hearing aids must first survive over 50 performance and durability tests. With over 360 active software and hardware patents, Starkey is a leader in better hearing.

Their new Genesis AI hearing aids feature an all-new processor, sound, design and software for an all-new patient experience. With the industry’s most advanced processor technology, it mimics the cerebral cortex of the human brain. It adapts to more listening situations than ever before, utilizing complex pattern recognition with advanced machine learning technology.

Early identification and intervention for hearing loss is important. Unidentified hearing loss causes many people to fail to realize they are missing certain words and sounds. Our highly-trained audiologists have completed several years of specialized education in order to appropriately treat patients for a variety of auditory conditions, including hearing loss. They will take the time to diagnose your symptoms and discover the best treatment option for you.