Audiology: Did You Know?

Audiology is a medical science related to a person’s hearing and balance, and the treatment of any related disorders. The use of the term ‘audiology’ in publications has been traced back only as far as 1946, but the creator of the term remains unknown. Did you know these other facts about audiology?

  • The substantial prevalence of hearing loss observed in veterans after World War II inspired the creation of the field as it is known today.
  • The International Society of Audiology (ISA) was founded in 1952 and promotes interactions among national societies, associations, and organizations that have similar missions.
  • Audiologists can successfully treat hearing loss from start to finish. From diagnosis to treatment plan and evaluation, audiologists are involved with your hearing journey at every step!
  • Audiologists are regulated by the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. All members must have earned an advanced degree in Audiology with ongoing peer mentoring and training. They also must meet a code of ethics and meet audiology best practices.
  • They can treat more than hearing loss. Audiologists can treat other issues such as ringing in the ears, sensitivity to loud noise, hearing loss prevention, and more.
  • Audiologists are different than hearing aid dispensers. An audiologist is extensively trained in the science of hearing, while a hearing aid dispenser is licensed to perform testing for the sole purpose of selling and fitting hearing aids. The requirement for state licensure to dispense hearing aids is not as stringent, reflecting the larger range of practices that audiologists can perform.
  • Professionals in the field of audiology receive extensive training in the assessment of hearing, diagnosis, fitting, and adjustment of hearing aids. This helps ensure an accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment plan, and positive outcome from the hearing aid.

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